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Building intelligent value chains can help enterprises sense, learn, and adapt

There is increased demand for personalized frictionless omni-channel experiences, agile location independent operations, and innovative ‘phygital’ products and services. To sustain market leadership, manufacturers need to rapidly redefine their operating and business models. This requires new ecosystem-centric models with neural capabilities to enable growth and transformation.

In the 2020 edition of the Journal of Innovation and Transformation, TCS brings you thought leading perspectives to make your enterprises ‘future ready’. The future manufacturing enterprise will be a strongly networked partner ecosystem that is connected, cognitive, and collaborative. Intelligent decision-making capabilities will be embedded at edge of this network. We term this as Neural Manufacturing, where the value chains will be redefined around customer-centric ecosystems, driven by a common purpose. By adopting a neural approach, we foresee firms demonstrating unprecedented adaptability with innovative and intelligent product and services, agility in operations, and resilience in supply chains.

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