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As the majority of vehicles that will ply on the roads in the future will be connected, automotive manufacturers are compelled to deliver personalized customer journeys both in and out of the vehicle. Such personalization will create new business models and will enable automotive firms to monetize driver data.


TCS AutoscapeTM - Connected Vehicle Solutions address market opportunities and accelerate customers’ journey in the connected vehicle space with the following offerings:

Business advisory services: Connected vehicle strategy and roadmap, new business model innovation, and data value discovery.

Vehicle in the cloud: Cloud-based capabilities to manage connected vehicles and their digital twins.

Connected vehicle experience: Platform-based solution for personalized digital connected vehicle experiences.

Connected insights: Insights from connected cars, including customer data; vehicle predictive maintenance for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and partners.

Data monetization toolkit: New business model development using TCS’ data marketplace and consent management solutions.


  • Enhancing customer experience with personalized services
  • Accelerating business value realization with seamless enterprise integration
  • Leveraging ecosystem partnerships to securely deliver benefits to customers
  • Data monetization capabilities to develop holistic connected vehicle strategies
  • Managing customer consent and privacy regulations
  • Reducing operational costs with analytics

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