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TCS assures ABG’s Digital Transformation
Gary Donelly, Director of Application Development, Avis Budget Group (ABG) shares how TCS’ testing expertise, holistic quality assurance(QA) approach and thought leadership helped them achieve better business results and increased customer satisfaction.
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Avis Budget Group
Travel and Hospitality
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Experience Results

Gary Donelly, Director of Application Development, Avis Budget Group highlights how, with TCS’ help in building a solution to check out rental cars on a tablet, ABG was able to reduce the time taken to train new staff and reduce the queuing times for their customers, which had a direct impact on their customer satisfaction.

He also talks about another area in which TCS contributed immensely, which was in the testing of the Wizard One Source project, which involved simplifying a complex legacy mainframe application. TCS ran 10,000 regression tests not once but twice, which ensured all the applications ran with minimal issues on the go-live date.

Experience Partnership

Gary notes that TCS has been a valued partner of ABG for the past 3 years and has shown a very high level of integrity through the dedication and commitment of its employees. He goes on to say that TCS is a trusted partner for ABG and he would recommend TCS to others as well.

Experience Leadership

One of the biggest advantages of TCS' innovation, Gary observes, has been the ability to take previously long manual processes in the testing domain and simplify them  through their industry knowledge, their innovation and their tools and techniques - a testament to this, is reduction of a 36 hour long regression test to just one hour.

“TCS can be relied upon to deliver certainty – if you need an outcome they will work hard to ensure they achieve that outcome – whether that be time, quality, commitments, they get there with you”, concludes Gary.

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