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  • Migrating data to cloud helps enterprises to securely deploy workloads at speed to meet changing business needs.  
  • TCS’ efficient, secure, and quality data migration support from source systems and data repositories to AWS Cloud powers improved data utilization at lower cost.
  • Migration of data to AWS Cloud ensures the data is standardized and streamlined, making it easier to mine insights.



Migrate your data to cloud easily and securely with AWS Database Migration Service.

Database migration is a complex and time-consuming process, and particularly so when recoding and converting data for new type of databases are involved. As it often requires database to be down for weeks, database migration can impact your operations, and hit your brand and bottom line.

With TCS’ AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), you can make database migration faster, simpler and cost-effective. 


Thought data migration means database downtime? Think again.

TCS’ AWS DMS makes it easy to migrate your data to cloud—whether it’s data warehouses, relational databases, nonrelational (NoSQL) databases or other types of data stores. You can easily and securely migrate or replicate data warehouses and databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, and Maria DB to AWS. All this while your source database remains fully operational, minimizing downtime to applications that rely on the database.

You can choose bespoke lift-and-shift, move-to-managed, or migrate-and-modernize paths to AWS Cloud. You can also opt for a suitable data platform on AWS that supports data types like relational data, key-value database, documents, in-memory, graph, time-series, and ledgers.

Leveraging tools like AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT), the solution makes even heterogeneous database migrations—where the source and target databases engines are different—seamless. SCT first converts the source schema and code to match those of the target database.

We also leverage proprietary TCS solutions such as TCS MasterCraft™ TransformPlusR that enables data discovery, target build, migration to a data warehouse, legacy data modernization, and ERP to ERP data migration.  The accelerator helps in the transformation of data by capturing required meta information, enabling source to destination targets, and generating data extraction and migrating codes as well as migration-related reports. 


From agility and scalability to lower costs, realizing value from cloud is easy with TCS’ AWS DMS.

We make the most of AWS DMS to ensure:

  • Minimal downtime–AWS DMS continuously replicates the changes to your source database during migration while keeping your source database operational.
  • Supports widely used databases–AWS DMS can migrate your data to and from most of the widely used commercial and open-source databases.
  • Fast and easy setup–A migration task can be set up within a few minutes in the AWS Management Console.
  • Low cost–AWS DMS offers free services for migration to Aurora, Redshift, DynamoDB, or DocumentDB. 
  • Reliability–A self-healing service, AWS DMS automatically restarts in case of an interruption.  

The TCS advantage

TCS has helped Fortune 500 customers to migrate and modernize their database from on-premise to AWS Cloud data platform. When you work with us, you can benefit from our domain knowledge across industries, our proprietary solutions, and deep experience in driving cloud transformations. You can leverage:

  • TCS’ Cloud Counsel, a recommendation framework that enables business awareness and platform-agnostic data estate assessment.
  • Our factory-based, automation-first model for migration of enterprise applications, including database and end-user workspace.
  • TCS MasterCraft™, TransformPlusR and MasterCraft DataPlusR to accelerate data migration and modernization.
  • TCS’ Cloud Mason for rapidly defining, designing, and deploying cloud foundational platforms on AWS.