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  • Enterprises need to analyze data in real time to drive customer interactions and experience.
  • TCS helps organizations manage large data sets with AWS Glue.
  • Together, TCS and AWS are driving data warehouse modernization on cloud and helping businesses use cloud, AI, and machine learning to innovate and grow.



Data is key to driving customer satisfaction

Around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every daythat is 25 followed by 17 zeros! This translates into a wealth of data for companies to mine for insights into consumer behavior provided they are able to access the right data at the right time and use it for competitive advantage. Realizing this, most organizations are looking for cloud-based solutions to store and extract colossal amounts of data, analyze it in real time, and use the insights to drive customer engagement.


Enriching data from the source to the target data location

TCS helps organizations discover and search across different data sets on AWS. Leveraging AWS Glue, a fully managed, serverless data integration service for extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations, we transform data collected from multiple sources into a common format accepted by data warehouses.

Our solution helps data engineers and ETL developers to easily extract, clean, and load data into data warehouses. Most importantly, it allows users to analyze their data and put it to use in minutes, not months. It also enables them to create scripts to enrich the data from the source to the target data location. 


We help unlock value with simplified data integration using AWS Glue.

  • Hassle-free: AWS Glue can be integrated across a wide range of native AWS data services. Its central engine, Data Catalog, helps add data descriptions for classification, allowing analysts to access, search, and discover cataloged metadata with business intelligence tools.
  • Automation: With TCS’ AWS Glue Services, much of the effort spent on building and running ETL jobs gets automated. AWS Glue crawls data sources, identifies different data formats, and even suggests data transformations, or mapping and converting data from one format to another. Not just that—it automatically generates the code required for executing data transformations in the loading process.
  • Cost-effective: AWS Glue allows higher ROI as users are required to pay only for the consumed resources. For an ETL job that may require more power but overall consumes few resources, companies would not be required to pay for peak-time resources.

The TCS Advantage

TCS has a decade-long partnership with AWS in delivering data products and solutions. We have built a range of proprietary data tools and frameworks such as TCS DATOMTM, TCS DAEzMoTM, Dezypher, and TCS MasterCraftTM.

TCS has deep data handling expertise on AWS; end-to-end services portfolio including consulting, implementation and managed services; and experience in agile, DevOps and automation for project delivery.