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Axis Bank Designs Differentiated TReDS Model

TCS helps create a competent operating model for Axis Bank’s trade receivables discounting system.

Axis Bank
Banking & Financial Services


Axis Bank looked to design a greenfield TReDS.

Leading Indian private sector lender Axis Bank wanted to deploy an online Trade Receivables Discounting System (TReDS) after having received a license to set up such an online marketplace. The company wanted to design a highly differentiated operating model for the system, but the proposed platform had no precedents in India. Moreover, the starting point for TCS was a concept note from the Reserve Bank of India, with few details about business and regulatory norms. The bank was also looking to identify suitable technologies to implement the platform.   


TCS adopts a collaborative approach to design a competent TReDS operating model.

. We organized workshops for Axis Bank’s senior leaders, and other TReDS licensees, to finalize open business and regulatory issues. We also listed multiple business scenarios for each business capability and conducted design thinking workshops for the lender.  

TCS defined end-to-end business processes, identified existing IT capabilities that could be leveraged for the implementation, and suggested incorporating emerging technologies like blockchain into the platform. The TReDS was designed to facilitate completely paperless transactions, employ robust APIs to boost transparency, and enable advanced analytics for effective risk management. We harnessed our strategic alliances with Forrester, MIT CISR, and the Open Group to select the best-suited technology for this project.

TCS identified functional and technical gaps in the blueprint drafts by studying the resulting transaction flow, while continuously adding more functionalities until the desired operating model was ready. 

TCS delivered an industry-leading operating model for TReDS

Kalyan Basu, Director and CEO, A.TReDS


Axis Bank identified revenue opportunities while conceptualizing a TReDS.

Axis Bank selected a highly differentiated operating model for the TReDS, leveraged emerging technologies, and identified new revenue opportunities.

  • The bank was always prepared for its presentations to the licensor for necessary approvals and to prospective customers during pre-onboarding discussions.
  • Paperless automated transaction workflows for the entire cycle from bill upload to payment, meant significant reduction in manual transaction processing.
  • A highly responsive web design and virtual chat enabled by artificial intelligence ensured superior customer experience.
  • To ensure the sustainability of this peer-to-peer platform, the bank added rule-based checks and measures to various workflows, to facilitate identification of fraudulent transactions. 

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