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Enterprises are looking for DevOps services for developing, deploying and managing IT infrastructure securely. However, the manual deployment of applications on cloud results in poor productivity and a high human error rate, leading to long deployment cycles. Legacy systems use waterfall methods, resulting in delayed time-to-market. Further, legacy application portfolios have limited regression testbeds and test automation adoption, delaying development work due to production overloads.



TCS Solution

TCS DevOps Services for Azure provide integration and delivery pipelines for developing and deploying Azure applications and infrastructure. Our DevSecOps offerings, solution accelerators, competencies, and cross-functional experience for continuous application development, testing and delivery help with:

  • Azure DevOps implementation: Plan, develop, deploy and manage applications and infrastructure by facilitating end-to-end automation of build and test.

  • Azure data platform DevOps and MLOps: Implement DevOps and MLOps for Azure data platform for automated provisioning of data services, deploying and updating schema, and ML model life cycle management.

  • Easy migration and integration: Migrate existing DevOps tools such as legacy Team Foundation Service to Azure DevOps, and integrate Azure DevOps with third-party tools to enhance capabilities.


TCS’ services enable enterprises to:



Automate applications, infrastructure, data and AI development and deployment processes for user-friendly, cloud-native products

Reduce provisioning time and technical debt to enable flow of revenue

Leverage reusable templates, solution skeletons, and libraries on Azure for faster process management



Integrate design thinking into processes for a scalable and cost-optimized solution


Incorporate security best practices with agile development methodologies and ensure compliance







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