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Changing business models are driving partners to handle multidimensional roles

The technology industry is transforming rapidly with the changes in product mix from siloed products to outcome driven solutions as well as changes in customer mix with greater technology adoption across industries. These changes require tech enterprises to provide personalized experiences, putting customer experience (CX) at the core of their business strategies.

Channel partners play an important role in the current scenario and adapting to this change in business strategy requires them to transform and upskill to deliver superior CX. To enable this transformation, tech enterprises are building new digital capabilities to help channel partners evolve from being mere resellers and distributors to entities delivering consultative expertise and personalized engagement to end customers. This paper explores how B2B channel partners can work in tandem with technology enterprises to accelerate business growth for their end customers.

Subhash Bavanari

Lead, Customer Experience Practice, Technology Business Unit, TCS

Archana Kumari

Business Analyst, Customer Experience Practice, Technology Business Unit, TCS


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