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Streamline the Lead-to-Order Lifecycle and Improve Sales

A holistic sales solution for subscription-based digital enterprises to simplify quote configuration



B2B sales is a complex area as it involves multiple stakeholders (including partners) which in turn means intricate processes, disparate systems, and varying business models. Moreover, given that sales team often have to tailor their offerings to address specific customer needs, their focus should be to make the right sale quickly, without being bothered about the complexities in the sales journey. However, the existing IT landscape at most enterprises consists of legacy platforms and a combination of assembled on-premise and cloud applications, which adversely impacts the effectiveness of the sales process. The technology gaps delay the process of delivering quotes and formalizing contracts, negatively impacting customer satisfaction.


TCS’ HOBS™ CPQ helps digital enterprises to simplify and automate the lead-to-order cycle, empowering both direct and indirect sales channels to quickly create accurate and customized quotes for each opportunity. The comprehensive suite provides integrated capabilities across lead management, opportunity management, configure-price-quote (CPQ), contract management, document management, and more. The offering being modular can also complement your existing lead or opportunity management solutions. TCS’ offering ensures seamless hand-offs between sales and delivery, driving NPS improvement, reducing bill disputes, and minimizing operational costs.


Vodacom Sharpens Revenue Assurance Capability

TCS HOBS Integrated Revenue Assurance helps the telecom major control revenue leakage

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