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The customer-driven financial services environment of today demands that banks and financial services firms develop—and move—towards innovative business models, products, operations and technology. A technology model that allows agility and speed to help them seize new market opportunities, protect current revenue streams, respond to a changing business environment, adapt quickly, and rapidly scale to meet changing business needs is therefore critical.

Cloud is expected to become a default choice for legacy replacement/enhancement and new application development today. Financial services organizations can adopt multifarious paths to cloud migration depending on the existing state of their applications. They can adopt a SaaS model or custom develop applications using microservices, DevOps and containers for the cloud.

There is no one right cloud strategy for all financial companies. In this article, we look at what makes for reasons behind slow adoption and also at what makes for a competitive SaaS strategy, one that can engender revenue growth and create a scalable, resilient environment. Read the whitepaper.

R Subramanian

Program Director, TCS BaNCS Cloud

Bharat Shah

Head, TCS BaNCS Cloud

V Kamesh Thatikonda

Product Specialist, TCS BaNCS Cloud


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