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Tipping the Scale: Core Banking implementation at State Bank of India

Using Unix at One of the Largest Banks on Earth

State Bank of India
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This report is a case study of the State Bank of India (SBI) and its journey to implementing a new core banking system in its domestic footprint. This domestic footprint is one of the largest in the world, with over 17,385 branches of State Bank of India and its six Associate Banks running on the TCS BaNCS system.

The key takeaways of this migration:

  • It was one of the largest migrations on Earth: 17,385 branches; 20,000 ATMs; 262 million accounts; 37 million peak transactions per day; and 205,000 employees.

  • State Bank of India chose to run its core system on HP-UX rather than a mainframe to achieve a lower TCO and one-third lower initial cost.

  • State Bank of India chose to run the FNS BANCS core system over Alltel Systematics for BANCS’ real-time capabilities, more modern architecture, and platform independence.

  • SBI was able to reduce the number of employees supporting IT from 15,000 to under 2,000 for dramatically lower TCO.

  • TCS was the implementation partner and continues to provide support for running the system. TCS has subsequently purchased FNS and the BANCS system and maintains the code for State Bank of India.

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