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Capital Credit Union deploys TCS BaNCS Cloud
Marlene Shiels, CEO, Capital Credit Union talks about their eight long years’ partnership and trust with TCS BaNCS enabling them to offer many more functionalities.
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Scotwest Credit Union
TCS BaNCS on the Cloud

Experience Results:

Marlene says, “TCS gave our members much more functionality, it gave us the ability to offer many more products & services than that we could do previously, and the member absolutely loved it because it changed the whole infrastructure of the credit union and what we can offer to our members.”

Experience Partnership:

Marlene says, “When you work with TCS and you work with TCS staff, you very much know what you are going to get. There is very open & transparent communication between both organizations all of the time.  And, that comes from understanding each other’s business, and understanding where our credit unions want to go.  TCS has a very deep understanding of what we want to do on behalf of our members.”

Experience Leadership:

Marlene talks about how TCS BaNCS came on top during their vendor selection. TCS BaNCS provided Capital credit union a full package enhancing their audit & security and their ability to offer much more products to the end users.

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