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P27 aims to establish a single pan-Nordic payment infrastructure that will facilitate instant and seamless flow of real-time, batch, domestic and cross-border payments across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Complying with P27 demands that banks and financial institutions modernize their existing legacy systems any attempts made to modify the existing schema to support P27 could affect ongoing operations. Banks are, therefore, increasingly turning to component-based architectures with best-of-breed solutions to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment.


TCS BaNCS for Payments is a solution that can be plugged into existing banking application ecosystems. Introducing the Payments P27 component, our solution reduces effort and time spent in implementing a new product and allows banks to concentrate on growth and transformation initiatives. TCS BaNCS supports a wide range of payment products – including mobile and cross-border payments. Our SEPA and ISO 20022-compliant system is designed to act as a foundation for P27.

TCS BaNCS for Payments can be used for end-to-end payments processing for P27, including: 

  • Receiving real-time payment instructions through web and mobile interfaces
  • Handling batch payment instructions through API-based links with participating financial institutions and commercial customers
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Support for a wide and growing range of products, including domestic and international transfers, real-time payments, direct debits, and cheque clearing 


  • Multi-product, multi-currency and multi-entity payments processing in a single application and database
  • End-to-end processing of order management, pricing, reporting and payments clearing
  • Allows for the creation of a processing hub with acquisitions from multiple channels
  • Brings in data access controls and Chinese-Wall concepts that provide the required confidentiality
  • Operational efficiency
  • Confidentiality


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