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AYA Trust Securities Improves Market Share

AYATSC becomes the first company in Myanmar to roll out digital trading channels


AYA Trust Securities
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AYATSC wanted to establish itself as a market leader in Myanmar’s financial landscape.

With the establishment of the Yangon Stock Exchange, officials at the Securities Exchange Commission of Myanmar decided that an online trading platform was crucial to simplify investor access to the country’s capital market. AYATSC was among the first companies to vie for and consequently receive regulatory approval to operate as a brokerage firm. In an attempt to gain first-mover advantage, the company partnered with TCS BaNCS to develop a low-cost future-proof digital trading channel that would keep initial investment low while also controlling ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs.


TCS BaNCS helps AYATSC implement its online trading channels to drive business growth.

TCS BaNCS helped AYATC build its trading platform in under three months, achieving their current and future customer targets. AYATC’s platform was capable of on boarding a target of 100 customers and supporting up to 20,000 trades per day as planned. TCS BaNCS prepped the environment through user acceptance testing (UAT) while completing data setup and interface configuration. TCS BaNCS also enhanced the solution to comply with SECM rules as well as internal company provisions. Additionally, by leveraging a responsive web design (RWD) approach, it was ensured that the online pages of the trading channel were seamless in their functionality across all devices.

TCS BaNCS built a high availability architecture for the app, including failover and recovery options and a scope for features such as chatbots and trading through Apple Watches and voice commands. Once the mobile application was ready, it was certified by the Yangon Stock Exchange (YSE) and demonstrated its flawless usability by developing a mock participation scenario for day one.


AYATSC increases trade volume by 34% and market share by 15%.

With TCS BaNCS platform, Myanmar’s trading operations were transformed and AYATSC was able to:

  • Become the first company to offer online trading facility

  • Achieve full compliance with SECM and YSE regulations

  • Achieve operation excellence

  • Drive business growth

  • Improve customer experience

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