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Brazil’s Leading Bank Embraces Automation

The Bank transforms corporate actions processes and automates sending of MT56x messages

Large South American Bank
Capital Markets
Corporate Actions


Brazil’s leading private bank wanted to securely automate corporate actions management

Corporate actions management is a major pain-point for modern banks. It can be cost and effort-intensive, not to mention extremely prone to security risks. The Bank tried to establish control mechanisms, but it took several months to process payments after a corporate action announcement, delaying error identification. This led to missed investment opportunities, financial losses, and reduced profitability. The Bank wished to implement an automated corporate actions management solution, aligned with SWIFT’s standardized messaging mechanism.


TCS BaNCS for Corporate Actions was deployed to streamline corporate actions processing

The Bank selected TCS BaNCS as the preferred solution, considering that TCS BaNCS for Corporate Actions was deployed at four of the top five custodians worldwide and came with an established, fail-proof track record of deployment. The solution’s turnkey capabilities with more than 85% market readiness reduced timelines and accelerated process efficiency, using real-time data processing to transform the client’s information management strategy.

TCS BaNCS enabled end-to-end processing of corporate actions for the Brazilian market as well as certain voluntary events. The solution was integrated with the Bank’s Super Access Coordinator, SWIFT, and the Brazilian Clearing and Depository Corporation. Its features included:

  • Flexibility and localization
  • Real-time automation
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Improved user control

The implementation took nine months, with the first two months dedicated entirely to solution analysis, followed by solution alignment and user acceptance. TCS’ intelligent deployment pathway minimized the possibility of errors and ensured customer data was protected throughout.

Large South American Bank Achieves 25% Resource Optimization


The Bank automates corporate action processing, reducing full-time resource requirement by 25%.

The Bank can now mitigate risks associated with manual processing, optimizing resources and garnering insights to improve client communication. The Bank benefitted from the implementation of a cost-effective customize solution, delivered on time, and within schedule.


reduction in full time equivalents

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