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Investec India deploys broker-dealer solution
Sridhar Vaidyanathan, Chief Operating Officer, Investec India expounds how TCS BaNCS helped Investec to start institutional broking business and connect their global client base to the Indian market in nine weeks.
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Investec India
Capital Markets
TCS BaNCS for Securities Trading

Experience Results

Sridhar said “apart from the trading and settlement related solutions, we were also able to use their algorithmic trading solutions, which were deployed in our environment as well. That basically provides 80 to 85 percent of our needs, wherein we use TCS BaNCS algorithms to execute our orders in a much more efficient way.

Experience Partnership

Sridhar said “we had a very ambitious timeline, and TCS BaNCS was able to partner with us very well. We were able to deploy within a period of nine weeks, which is really commendable, and they did a wonderful job”.

Experience Leadership

Investec builds high-volume trading operation with single integrated front-to-back office solution. With this deployment, Sridhar trusts that their clients can trade with ease.

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