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PDTC Drives Business Growth and Lowers Costs

TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure helps expand customer base, launch new offerings 

Philippine Depository & Trust Corp.
Capital Markets
Market Infrastructure


PDTC was looking for a future-proof depository system to extend its offering portfolio

PDTC’s existing depository system was at the brink of obsolescence, specifically at the database level. To overcome this challenge, PDTC had to improve its existing IT infrastructure or migrate to a digital platform. Implementing either was crucial for PDTC to support the company’s expansion into book-entry security services for institutional and retail segments throughout the country. PDTC decided to partner with TCS BaNCS to shift operations to a comprehensive, scalable, and modular platform, allowing nationwide accessibility for multi-asset classes.


TCS BaNCS transforms PDTC’s operations through a first-of-a-kind implementation in Asia

The transition was customized to suit the Philippines’ unique market practices. As Asia’s first comprehensive depository system, the solution supported a wide range of activities, including:

  • Ability to reinforce immobilized and dematerialized securities

  • Support for the increasing role of depositories into value-added services

  • Incorporation of an integrated depository system, capable of managing delivery and payment

  • Interface to the real-time gross settlement payment system of the Philippines’ central bank

  • Service and product lines supporting depository, registry, and custody on a single platform

  • Operational flexibility in custody and depository instances

  • Implementation of components in a phased method, depending on business requirements

“The choice of the TCS BaNCS platform was a critical step in our vision for the PDS Group.” -Vicente Castillo, CEO, PDS Group



PDTC expands range of services, witnesses steady growth in collateral management.

With TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure, PDTC has been able to:

  • Automate multi-asset class services

  • Expand product and service lines

  • Construct a component-based architecture

  • Drive notable growth in registry and collateral management

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