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In this issue of TCS BaNCS customer Newsletter, we cover stories on:

  • Technology transformation strategies that will enable financial institutions to modernize their business models

  • Toronto’s TMX Group enabling traders in Canada and worldwide to optimize the deployment of capital across asset classes

  • DBS Bank, Singapore, has deployed a single TCS BaNCS™ instance for settlements and asset servicing across custody centers in Asia

  • Cloud-based deployment model for TCS BaNCS enables banks to undergo a rapid transformation to a modern core banking solution

  • In the U.S., the Federal Reserve-backed Faster Payments Task Force laying the groundwork for multiple high-speed, low-cost payment rails

  • TCS helps organizations to get started with business-ready blockchain solutions

  • U.S., banks will have to upgrade their analytical capabilities to come up with forward-looking loss estimates to comply with CECL requirements

Enjoy the read.

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