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In this edition of TCS BaNCS Research Journal, we share with you our perspective on the impact of T+2 in the US, the possibilities of using blockchain technology in capital markets, custody in emerging markets, and more.

The financial services industry is unique in that it is at the epicenter of the ostensible real economy, but intangible at best. It is both an enabler and barometer of real-world industries – enables capital for investments and also measures the performance and the returns generated. The complexity and dynamics of this intersection, and the global nature of the industry, continuously throw enormous challenges.

The financial services industry is at the forefront of innovation with high-speed trading frameworks and re- real-time processing mechanisms gaining popularity.

In this issue, we feature unique perspectives on:

  • T+2 Settlement in USA – When and Am I Prepared?

  • Blockchain in Financial Services – A Catalyst for Simplification

  • The Changing Face of Custody in Emerging Markets

  • Efficacy of Stock Position Management Systems

  • Is Cash still King?

  • IOSCO CPMI – Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures

  • Targeting Transparency in Securities Transactions and Custody

  • Digital Transformation in Capital Markets

  • Managing Processing Risk in Asset Services

  • Revamping Legacy in Securities

  • Partial Call Lotteries. Is a New Change Coming?

  • Meeting New Cost Basis Reporting Requirements


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