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Bang & Olufsen Partners with TCS to Innovate

Jelle Rieske, Senior Director of R&D at Bang & Olufsen, shares his experience of working with TCS on developing premium products over the past 10 years of the TCS- Bang & Olufsen partnership.

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Experience Results

Jelle speaks about how TCS has helped them launch very premium audio products. He adds that TCS, as a software partner, has been very crucial in all the projects, delivering the right quality and being on time. TCS executed a major part of the software development and added specific features such as the CD ripper, which are very much in demand in the market. "The team has delivered very good on this and we are very happy and satisfied with the results."

Experience Partnership

Jelle explains that TCS has always helped in bringing the right competencies to the projects when needed. TCS has been contributing to their flagship audio products, taking up full responsibility from specifications, implementation, up till testing of the product.

Experience Leadership

TCS has been proactive in thinking about new product ideas, coming up with project proposals and also creating proofs of concept to help the team gain confidence in new ideas. Jelle states, “Whatever B&O does is a first of its kind. We create unique products and TCS is helping us do that.”

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