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Banks Fighting Fintech: Stepping Up to Transform the SME Lending Process

Harnessing the power of deep learning and enterprise AI to drive agility

Problems banks are facing:

  • Over the past few years, fintechs have uprooted existing banking operating models, including the process of lending to small businesses
  • They have used agile, platform-based digital technologies to do so

What they need to counter this:

  • Banks are desperate to innovate and drive business change with newer technologies
  • They are increasingly looking to adopt automation and artificial intelligence to optimize their business processes and improve customer experience

Two-pronged approach that banks can adopt:

  • Banks could automate the client onboarding process
    • How? By creating a credit rating platform based on deep learning to analyze customer data and automate the decision-making process
  • Banks could create a bank data marketplace
    • How? By creating an internal marketplace of their own and offering existing SME clients a new set of customers to sell products and services to


Atul Banga

Innovation Evangelist, Research and Innovation, TCS


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