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Legacy datacenter operations and workload processing methods support limited set of jobs and require manual intervention. Given the evolving business landscape, enterprises have realized the need for a change in this regard. Companies are therefore looking to deploy overnight batch cycle processing capabilities to shorten lead-times and ensure availability of scheduler components. This requires cross training and deploying support staff across locations – driving up operational costs.

TCS Solution

and automate job scheduling. Using standard tools and our robust ITIL-based service delivery model, we provide a single view of operations across geographies. TCS’ offering helps professionals deploy job schedules and corresponding scheduler components on a scalable platform, thus diminishing overhead costs, lowering risk exposure, and driving business agility by :

  • Integrating batch scheduling processes across diverse IT environments
  • Ensuring security for job scheduler databases
  • Reducing batch windows
  • Upgrading scheduler and software tools
  • Developing a single point of control in the service suite 


  • Reduce costs: Consolidate job schedulers to reduce licensing and maintenance costs
  • Enhance agility and efficiency: Adapt to fluctuating batch volumes with ease
  • Improve visibility: Streamline job monitoring with a single point of control
  • Drive performance: Optimize the usage of physical and logical resources 

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