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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Transforms Software Quality through Test Automation

Geoff Faircloth, Testing Practice Manager, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, highlights how TCS helped the bank transform its software quality and achieve 80% increase in productivity and 60% improvement in time-to-market, through Test automation.

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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

“TCS were able to come to us with the data validation tool that allowed us to streamline the testing processes associated with data and thus reduce our cycle times by up to 40% and our effort by an even greater margin.”

- Geoff Faircloth, Testing Practice Manager, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Experience Results

With TCS’ automated testing solution for mobile app, the bank was able to reduce manual effort for regression by 80% and the regression cycle times by about 60%, allowing it to deploy new capabilities faster and reduce time-to-market.

TCS also enabled the bank to upgrade its GL HR and payroll system, by providing a data validation tool to streamline the data-related testing processes, reducing cycle times by up to 40% and effort significantly.

Experience Partnership

To further Bendigo’s agile journey, TCS worked very closely with the bank to define how the testing function needs to evolve, change and adapt to the agile way of delivery.

Geoff commends TCS’ open, ethical and transparent dealings with the bank.

Experience Leadership

TCS’ global experience in financial services and other industries played an important role in enabling the bank to change, adapt and continue to be relevant to customers in the Australian market. Geoff affirms that the bank will be working closely with TCS in the years to come to face challenges of the future and enable the bank, its customers and stakeholders achieve their objectives.

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