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Leveraging ecosystem banking models to deliver improved value for customers

The pace of business transformation will accelerate with the rollout of the 5G network added to the rise of the digital trinity – AI, big data, and cloud. This combination will allow banks to seamlessly connect with insurance, travel, and hospitality partners and facilitate the development of ecosystem banking models. Cross-industry collaboration can help banks offer a more personalized customer experience and deliver ‘beyond-belief’ banking solutions.

Banks will need to create an overarching technology-led and data-driven strategy considering some critical aspects:

  • Digital customer onboarding and engagement: Digitalize channels with enhanced data collection capabilities
  • Customer data and analytics: Adoption of data analytics to identify evolving customer expectations
  • Data privacy and secure data transmission: Secure cloud data lakes to manage the abundance of data
  • Seamless customer service for sophisticated customer experience: Deployment of conversational bots, digital assistants, and voice chats
Ponmeena Shankar Kannan Kanagaraj

Business Relationship Manager, BFSI, TCS


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