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Six best practices to leverage ecosystems and M&A for resilience

The term ‘essential business’ has forever been branded beyond COVID-19. Achieving resilience by increasing an organization’s essentiality requires both addressing current weaknesses and readying for the future by embracing the six key practices of ‘Big C Collaboration’. 

  • Ecosystem thinking: Identifying and using the resources of others for competitive advantage
  • Strategic leadership alignment: Imagining future scenarios and outlining purpose-driven goals as an integrated executive suite
  • Dynamic customer-centric strategy formulation: Organizing around ever evolving valuable ‘jobs to be done’
  • Risk-balanced portfolio management: Maintaining the right mix of investments for near and long term
  • Multi-modal innovation: Leveraging multiple channels, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Lean-agile approach: Institutionalizing a ‘build, test, and learn’ approach
Blake Hansen

M&A Services, Partner

Courtney Wood

M&A Services, Thought Leadership Director


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