Shifting Mindsets and Transforming Businesses

The disruptive potential of blockchain consulting represents a unique opportunity for early adopters interested in transforming their businesses and/or disrupting their industries. We recommend a comprehensive strategic approach designed to influence mindsets, determine business objectives, and uncover the related possibilities for innovation. Our experts offer end-to-end services from business and technology consulting, PoC development, through application, infrastructure, and platform services.

Exploring the Art of Possible

Our Business Value Delivery Model is designed to immerse participants in blockchain possibilities, develop a strategic innovation portfolio, design, develop, and test the viability of use cases and implement solutions at scale with strategic partners in an enterprise ecosystem.

Blockchain Embark

Identify foundational initiatives, prioritize innovation opportunities, and develop relevant value.

Blockchain Design

Develop targeted use cases that enable business value-driven solutions and create minimum viable products in TCS' sandbox.

Blockchain Scale

Build and integrate a custom or partner solution, which includes implementation and ecosystem readiness planning.

How Blockchain is Poised to Revolutionize Digital Customer Experiences

The Future of Mobility – on the Cusp of the Electrification Revolution

The future of mobility is being defined by the digital-enabled convergence of autonomous driving, connected vehicles, electrification, and shared mobility. Developments in Electronic Vehicles (EVs) and environmental concerns are leading to change.

Everest Group conducted a study with 59 automotive industry leaders responsible for EV across OEMs, BTSs, IPs, government and regulatory bodies, and SIs to explore the challenges in building an EV ecosystem and understand ways to overcome the challenges for scaled EV adoption in India and the United States, two countries that reflect stark differences in EV adoption.

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