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Organizations are increasingly exploring evolving blockchain innovations, which can radically transform the business landscape. Blockchain can drive hyper-productivity, fuel growth and transformation, as well as enable new business models. Its adoption involves many challenges, the primary one being the curation and governance of ecosystems that are essential to harness its potential. Hence, organizations need to take a strategic approach, supported by leadership commitment.

TCS Solution

TCS Business Value Delivery Model (BVDM) provides a structured approach to identify, prioritize, and implement innovation opportunities that are aligned to business priorities, market dynamics, and evolving technology landscape. The model comprises four distinct steps.

Step 1: Develop an idea map of potential blockchain innovation through an immersion and ideation drive engaging the executive and senior leadership.

Step 2: Create an innovation portfolio based on the strategic bets from the idea map, working with client leaders, ecosystem partners, and prosumers.

Step 3: Design and execute proof of value engagements on use cases with clear business cases.

Step 4: Select one or more use cases to build and deploy as full-scale solutions.


With TCS BVDM, you can:

  • Identify the most relevant innovation opportunities and suitable business models, instead of expending resources on PoCs and exploring use cases that may not progress further
  • Prioritize innovation opportunities, with adequate involvement from the executive leadership
  • Realize the business value with certainty while embracing blockchain technology



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