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TCS Blockchain Embark Enables Innovation


Blockchain Embark

Identifies foundational blockchain initiatives, prioritizes innovation opportunities, and develops business value



There are many barriers to the adoption of blockchain – ranging from limited awareness and success stories beyond small-scale pilots to evolving regulatory structure and standards for performance, security, and privacy. Most importantly, the need to create ecosystems leads to challenges and barriers to the adoption of the technology.

TCS Solution

TCS recommends a comprehensive strategic approach to understand mindsets, determine  stakeholder context, and uncover  strategically relevant possibilities for innovation. TCS Blockchain Embark is designed to help you identify the most relevant innovation opportunities that will create value for your organization, and avoid potential disruptive threats. It comprises of immersion and ideation of Design thinking-led ideation programs, involving:

  • Portfolio development: Identification and prioritization of innovation opportunities, 
  • Experimentation: Accelerated PoV solution development


  • Create a portfolio of potential innovations based on business impact and complexity of change
  • Understand the implications of these innovations for your business model
  • Experience concept applications through rapid PoCs

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