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TCS Blockchain Scale Implementation and Strategy


Blockchain Scale

Builds and integrates a custom or partner solution, including planning and implementing ecosystem readiness



There are multiple models of blockchain adoption that range from intra-organization scenarios to cross-industry ecosystems. Each model requires a different change management approach, governance structure, and design consideration. To realize business value from live blockchain applications, organizations need to make appropriate choices and address key technological considerations.

TCS Solution

TCS’ Blockchain Scale will help you implement blockchain solutions through a process that addresses the unique requirements of the emerging technology. It comprises:

  • Ecosystem curation
  • Solution build and integration
  • Performance and security audits
  • Launch strategy: Plan, Risks & Mitigation, Ecosystem readiness
  • Scaled rollout and managed services


  • Develop real-world blockchain applications that deliver tangible business value
  • Make appropriate design considerations aligned to business goals
  • Address key technological considerations that are essential to develop live applications

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