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Open Banking: Many Opportunities, Some Considerations

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Babu Unnikrishnan (Unni)
Babu Unnikrishnan

Unni  heads the Technology & Strategy function at TCS’  Banking & Insurance Business unit in Europe & UK. In this role he is  responsible for  Technology leadership & Advisory services.  He works closely with TCS’ corporate technology office and leverages the TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN™)  of partners and FinTechs to enable research and innovation (R&I) within the unit.

In the current role Unni is also responsible for two strategic initiatives - Open Banking and Cloud -  for  TCS’ Banking and Insurance customers Globally. His  areas of interest also include  Core Systems Modernization,  Core-Edge Services & APIfication  and Future Banking architectures

Unni has 21 years of TCS’ experience in working with global customers across US, UK, Europe and India. He participates in advisory  capacity  to multiple TCS customers’ technology and architecture forums.  An ardent proponent of continual learning and hype cautious, he strongly believes in leveraging technology as a key differentiator in translating strategy to execution.

Unni is a practicing Enterprise Architect and a regular speaker at the TCS Technology Architecture Conference and technology panel discussions besides mentoring our in-house technology and solution leadership programs. He has authored papers on IT simplification and modernization and holds a Master’s in Engineering and in Software systems