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Customer Journey Maps – Is your omni-channel investment bridging the customer journey gap

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Suman Mahalanabis

Suman Mahalanabis is the Director, Product Management at TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group and is passionate in bringing science to the art of business decisions through analytics and new age data infrastructure. Suman is leading change through creating next generation analytics platform for enterprises as they are pursuing their strategies in experience based differentiation, wallet share growth and improving operational efficiencies. With over 13 years in various roles of consulting, solution development and program delivery across clients from Telecom, Manufacturing and Banking, Suman brings deep range of experience in architecting technology and process solutions to complex business problems. He is also a member of tele-management forum, speaker at TMW, B/OSS conference and Gartner CRM summits. Suman has a Masters of Business Administration from Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management and Master of Technology from University of Calcutta.


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