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October 5, 2020

Overcoming challenges & staying positive at work by being positive and resilient.

Try to visualize the below instances.

  • An aspiring actor initially faces a string of rejections and goes on to become the star of the millennium years later.

  • Minnows win a coveted championship trophy by trumping favorites.

  • An idea once turned down by a majority, finally wins the best startup of the year award.

  • An old warhorse coming out of retirement to play a key role in a world cup win.

  • Some abandon a business due to initial setbacks, others persist and transform a startup into a conglomerate.

Success stories such as these, apart from making us feel optimistic and upbeat, have something else in common. The genesis of such success stories lies in the power of positive thinking, a key to honing one of life’s most important skills – problem solving. Challenges and problems are inevitable, and the ability to tide over these requires not just behavioral discipline but attitudinal discipline too. Staying positive is the first step towards scripting your own success story.

Now, cut to the present scenario wherein most of us are re-navigating our paths in a post-pandemic world. Limited human interaction has brought on increased stress, and now more than ever is when we find our resolve and our problem-solving skills being tested. Situation such as these are when we need to draw inspiration from the success stories mentioned above.

One of our published blogs, ‘Winning the World by Conquering the Battle Within’, offered tips for mental wellbeing. This blog piece goes deeper into that story. Here, I’d like to share few tips towards building the habit of thinking on the up, and highlighting benefits that emerge from making such behavior a habit.

Start at the beginning – at the crack of dawn: On waking up, tell yourself that the whole world is hopeful about a turn of events that will change our lives for the better, if not for the best. This simple yet profound thought process sets in motion a series of positive courses of action.

Deep breathe – Just a couple of minutes of deep and focused inhaling and exhaling is all it takes to gain control over a moment.

Getting started – Interact with the things you love, that get your creative juices flowing. It could the littlest thing like the face of a loved one, the sight of a sapling with a full-bloomed flower, the sound of the chirping birds, the aroma of fresh coffee or tea, cuddling your pet, physical exercise, gentle music. The idea is to liven and engage all five senses.

Build a positivity nest – Be selective about the types of people you spend your time with. Try to be in the company of those that are positive, hopeful and enthusiastic about the day so their energy rubs off on you. Stay away from mindless social media chatter, or content that is demotivating, disparaging and disturbing. Likewise, try and instill hope among those who need it. You will realize that making someone hopeless feel hopeful improves your own attitude even as they feed off your positive energy.

Identify negativities – Delve within to know what bogs you down or discover the stumbling blocks en route to your success. It is pragmatic to anticipate unpleasant and unkind things as it will help you in offsetting or minimizing their impact if they come up in course of pursuing your goals.

Develop an aura of optimism- Try to gauge the common factors of positive and successful people about how they triumphed against all odds. Many success stories are the outcome of perseverance and just hanging on even when the odds were high. Like Thomas Edison quoted 'Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up'.

Think and practice gratitude – Reflect on the blissful and joyful moments of your life that you could experience by being in the company of loved ones or through delightful things like food, rain, sunshine, seashore, mountains etc. Be thankful towards life and also to the ones who gave you such precious moments. A grateful mind is able to focus on solutions rather than problems. Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand.

Being positive and building resilience in times of hardships is easier said than done. But remember, everything passes. I remain hopeful that the tips mentioned here will help you embrace positivity and rewire your lifestyle for the better.

Tanvi has over 9 years of experience in talent acquisition & employer branding. She has worked in both lateral and campus hiring space for FMCG & IT industry. She combines her talent acquisition domain knowledge and digital marketing skills to position TCS as an employer of choice. Besides work, she's a Bollywood buff, an amateur gardener who loves upcycling and DIY.


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