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About a decade ago, fresh out of college, I chose TCS to pursue the next phase of my life. The starting point, as with every newbie, was all about crossing the bridge from campus to corporate as a trainee or through the TCS ILP (Initial Learning Program). Since then, my career path has meandered through roles and projects, business domains, learning initiatives, and social causes. Over the years, I layered in TCS’ vibrant learning culture to align with my own curiosity to learn, grow, mentor, and make a difference to the business and to other young professionals like me. 



My growth story (it could become yours too!)   

I kicked off my three-month transformation phase with a palette of technologies and simulated small projects, as I also learnt the importance of and the value in equipping myself with soft skills and corporate etiquette.

My first project was in Retail—implementing smart solutions to ensure that systems and applications run smoothly. Soon after, I was absorbed into the Banking and Finance domain where I began working on data warehouse and reporting applications for business risk management. This got me that prized lifetime opportunity to work within a client’s environment—onshore—as a technical lead for various Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence (DW/BI) applications. My professional responsibilities included assessing requirements, defining solutions, technical architecture, implementation, and delivery of enterprise portfolio projects. The next few years were spent soaking in real-world business domain knowledge. Using my cross-domain skills and technology landscape, I've now produced a dozen DW/BI applications, additionally supervising several projects in niche technologies, particularly for reporting front-end enterprise delivery.

Learning and mentorship

TCS has an organizational rhythm—a pace at which professional learning unfolds—that is best suited for my self-motivated quest for knowledge. There are new things to learn daily that not only feed towards realizing my personal career goals –in terms of strengthening my personal brand and enhancing my visibility among teams, but the learning also helps me navigate technology disruptions—a critical feature any technology consultant must learnt to embrace. Over time, I honed my digital proficiencies to the point where I could mentor my fellow associates at TCS. I have adopted multiple roles in TCS. I am a Gold-certified Mentor, a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ professional, and I became the Process Improvement Officer moving on to provide an objective assessment of how well a company functions offering suggestions for how we can make processes simpler, faster and on effective, saving over USD4 million annually for TCS and our customers. All of these are opportunities that have come to me because TCS helps build on one’s core conviction as a technology expert.  

Empowering communities

There is no dearth of talented, passionate, and dedicated people to work with here. This reflects not just in the work we do for business, but also for communities. It is a part of the core Tata values that each of us carries. I've been a part of the TCS CSR team for a few years and was recognized in 2015 as a Champion from our Pittsburgh location. Since then, I have championed countless community projects, empowering over 220 volunteers who have donated over 450 hours to help end hunger, protect the environment, and encourage young people to pursue STEM careers through the GoIT program.

Purpose is powerful

It was a day of freezing temperatures at a TCS food bank distribution center in Pittsburgh. The entire volunteering team had assembled for food distribution activity when a lady in her 60s approached me. "Without this, our children would have nothing to eat. This is crucial to us." Her one comment made us realize the enormity of what we were doing. that day. I helped her lug bags of food to her car. She blessed us. I believe that being at TCS gave me any opportunity to an inequity that had been a step towards building community trust, and a step towards what I see as a larger purpose. 


Becoming a Contextual Master

At TCS, we believe that rich industry experience when translated to contextual knowledge can become tools of change. Contextual Masters™ is a great initiative by TCS to mine into the collective intelligence of its teams. It feels great to be one of those 26,000 people identified as having domain mastery. A US-based bank holding company and financial services corporation approached us to figure out an alternative for their existing manual reporting process which was becoming inept and tedious. This was the perfect time to dig into my deep insight of finance reporting that I had gained over the last few years across diverse banking and financial services and insurance (BFSI) projects. As I understood the customer’s business ecosystem, I developed an enterprise-wide system using only in-house tools. This was instrumental in saving the client USD 500,000 per year as the customer didn’t have to pay an annual licensing fee for an external third-party tool. It also reduced their report generation time from seven to just one day. We had blended design thinking with contextual knowledge to arrive at this particular outcome. It felt deeply gratifying to be able to offer what we did to the customer as a team.

This is typical of a TCS work environment: the freedom to pursue goals without organizational constraint or restraint.  It has set me up for future learning in an organic way. I keep thinking of ways to better how I can be an ally to my clients, my team, and to society at large. There is no dearth of opportunity, and no opportunity is ever wasted. 


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