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August 19, 2016

As good as SaaS solutions are, they can't be all things to all customers.Oracle and other enterprise software vendors have come up with a rich collection of SaaS solutions. However, even these suppliers can't anticipate all possible needs that their customers have.


This is where companies that operate at the PaaS (platform as a service) level can help fill in the blanks, satisfying unmet customer needs and smoothing cloud deployments.The beauty of this approach is that, thanks to Oracle's design, PaaS vendors can seamlessly plug in functions for the customer as needed. From an IT department's perspective and from the end-user perspective, it appears to be a single system. Let me illustrate how this works with three examples of how TCS has been able to help Oracle SaaS customers address functionality that the standard Oracle cloud does not supply.

The first example is in the area of procurement. Oracle Procurement is a self-service requisitioning system that allows employees to order parts, supplies, and other goods as needed by the business. It has features to enforce procurement rules, control costs and streamline ordering. However it lacks one important feature: it does not have a module for quality check. When a batch of widgets—or whatever the employee orders—when it arrives, companies perform an immediate quality check. TCS has developed a solution named Next Generation Procurement, which is hosted on our PaaS service to perform quality check. This has helped companies go ahead with the Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation, thus helping accelerate the uptake of SaaS.

The second example is in the area of human resources. Oracle has a robust SaaS offering in Oracle Cloud HCM (Human Capital Management). However, as with the Oracle Procurement, this solution does not address complete employee engagement capability. Employee engagement includes systems for giving feedback, mentoring, employee communications and rewards programs. Surveys have shown that companies that have high levels of employee engagement have higher productivity and lower turnover—helping both the top line and the bottom line raising output and avoiding the costs of replacing workers who leave voluntarily. In all the companies we work with, improving employee engagement is always a high priority. Thus TCS has built a PaaS solution to address missing component mainly employee engagement.

Finally PaaS vendors can help fill in the gaps of a SaaS offering.Hybrid cloud can be very complex to implement and there is a great deal of variability between companies in terms of integration challenges. However, there are certain common configuration challenges, particularly the ones between Oracle and non-Oracle systems, for which pre-built adapters can work. For this challenge, we offer our Falcon solution.

Another integration challenge where pre-built solutions can work is in testing. If the functionality is fixed, TCS has a product name Fast Test—a collection of pre-built test cases. This will ensure that repeated testing for process upgrade are automated thus saving time and money.

I look forward to your comments and to discuss this key cloud trend with you before and during the Oracle Open World 2016 conference. Join me and our key customers in an Executive Solution Session where we will discuss how companies are adoting Cloud strategies to win the competitive race.Please schedule time to meetwith TCS experts at OOW and share your comments and questions here. I look forward to talking with you in San Francisco.


Sunder Singh is an ex TCSer and used to head the Global Oracle Practice at Tata Consultancy Services where he lead global teams that design, implement and optimize Oracle solutions to bring new innovations to TCS clients. With more than 25 years of IT experience including programming, system analysis, and large program management, Sunder held management positions across many geographies and industry verticals, including banking, manufacturing, insurance, and print publishing and information services.


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