May 9, 2017

Logistics container shipThe fast rise of a global economy and digital businesses has placed new demands on companies to stay competitive: create responsive and predictive supply chains. It isn't surprising given how customers, whether they are individual consumers or large businesses, expect to shop when and where they want, select from endless aisles, and even customize products.

Companies such as Amazon with their promise of one day delivery for millions of products, BMW's Build Your Own BMW initiative, and Zara's reduced ramp-to-store timelines are constantly leveraging their supply chain advantage to beat competition and realize business wins. And they aren't the only ones. According to Gartner, by 2018, 50 percent of chief supply chain officers in $1 billion+ global companies will design and manage supply chains that support digital business.

The success of these supply chains relies on a key cornerstone: transportation and logistics.

Meeting the Demands of Digital Business

Conventionally, logistics have had to fulfill only the promises of cost-effective, accurate, and timely delivery. But this pace of doing business has changed. Logistics companies must now enable always-on operational visibility, constantly navigate complex global supplier ecosystems, and rapidly adapt to shifts in customer behaviors and demands to deliver customized products and experiences anytime, anywhere.

How can companies deliver on this tall agenda? Catering to these demands requires logistics companies to leverage data, digital technology, and automation to drive responsiveness at every turn. By ensuring real-time data access across people and processes, logistics providers can support up-to-the minute inventories, improve risk management, enhance planning and forecasting, and speed delivery to customers. By being agile in their processes and approach, they can rapidly respond to changing business priorities to realize quick wins.

And while there's no arguing this logic, nothing establishes its relevance better than real world success. Join us at SAPPHIRE NOW to hear how Gulftainer, a leading port management and logistics company, enabled real-time analytics and workforce mobility to respond more quickly to customer's needs and increase operational efficiencies. Cargotec, a leading cargo and load handling solutions provider, will present how they have harmonized operations and enhanced collaboration after several mergers and acquisitions by adopting an agile framework.

For our customers and for us, every quick win is a milestone in a constantly evolving digital transformation journey. We're excited to talk with you about how you can realize quick wins at your business. We hope to see you from May 16-18 in Orlando, Florida at SAPPHIRE NOW.

Akhilesh Tiwari is the Global Head of the SAP Practice at Tata Consultancy Services. He is responsible for driving the business growth and strategic direction of the SAP team – a dedicated group of talented consultants who work in close collaboration with SAP and TCS industry experts to design, implement and execute enterprise-wide projects for many Fortune 500 companies. Under his guidance, TCS has strengthened its long-standing relationship with SAP and delivered market-leading results for clients.