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April 6, 2016

“The open structure of the Frankfurt office makes everyone equal while generating a friendly atmosphere.  Communication modes are much shorter as there are no doors to knock on if you want to speak to someone.  Barriers are almost non-existent in this new space, strengthening the feeling of community and fellowship inside the locale,” says Anne Huber, a working student at TCS Frankfurt.

Frankfurt (1)

  Located on the Frankfurt trade fair grounds, the word Messeturm literally means      “Trade Fair Tower”.  The sixty-three storey skyscraper contoured by geometric          shapes rising up and culminating in a pyramid structure at the top, is a one of          Frankfurt’s famous landmarks and Germany’s second tallest building.                          Symbolizing the  city’s economic surge on the world stage, this prestigious tower    houses the  offices of many international companies.

  A purpose-built space designed in consultation with its users – the employees

  Completed in July 2015 in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute of Ergonomics and Organization (IAO), TCS’ Frankfurt office was designed taking into consideration the concepts of collaboration, efficiency and technology.  The project was structured and completed in consultation with employees, the ultimate users of the facility.  Based on interviews with employees, a workspace profile was drawn up by specialists.  Experts had to address the question “what do employees need at their workplace to work and feel better?” during the planning and finalizing of the design specifications.

“Our aim was to build a functioning ‘smart’ office that provides our employees with optimal conditions to work.  We decided to carry out a scientific analysis; and design our office based on the findings of work and organizational research”, explains Frank Karcher, Regional HR Manager – TCS Central Europe.

For the Regional Director of TCS Central Europe, Saptha C, it was more about meeting the growth needs of the organization while improving efficiency.  “We needed to expand to accommodate our growth in Germany.  It was an opportunity to think about a new design which would be innovative, designed to purpose as well as efficient”, he explained.


 A smart, dynamic and flexible workplace emerges

At the end of several discussions, deliberations and hard work by architects, designers and ergonomic experts, a smart and dynamic office space emerged. The new dynamic office offers 137 communication seats in 25 areas, which can be used according to functional needs.  A successful multi-space project, the flexible workstations inside can be tailored according to the requirement of the day. Phone cabins, meeting rooms, lounge areas, wide office spaces etc can appear inside the ‘open’, column-less workspace just by rearranging the furniture.  This innovation in design has increased the communications seats by over 200% and increased the number of workplaces by 60% when compared to the old office structure.

As added benefits, the smart placement of communication seats now results in an overall reduction in noise, contributing to a quiet atmosphere.  The office is also paper-less, with employees advised to print only what is absolutely essential, in order to maintain a sustainable environment at the workplace.

Frankfurt (2)

Reinforcing TCS’ ‘default is digital’ stance

Complimenting this idea of collaboration and ‘open office’ culture is the reinforcement of TCS’ “default is digital” stance.  “The new office is designed as a digital collaboration center with several digital zones.  Enhancing the increased collaboration amongst our employees, we also wanted to invite customers to our office and run workshops and meetings incorporating the digital element,” says Saptha.  The result has been spectacular so far in TCS Frankfurt.  “We have had an increase in customers coming to our office, where we hosted multiple digital collaboration sessions for customers across industries.  A state-of-the-art ‘Digital Studio’ stands poised to run virtual sessions, linking us instantly with experts and centers across the globe”, continues Saptha.

Friendly design that promotes collaboration

“This redesign gives us enough space for teamwork, while improving collaboration and communication between various departments.  The aim was for better efficiency, motivated employees and increased information flow between the different departments.  We wanted to develop an innovative office concept, which is much more than just creating as many workspaces as possible.  The difference lies in quality”, outlined Janina Sander, Administration Lead at TCS Frankfurt.

Key Facts – TCS Frankfurt

  • 1991 – TCS starts operations in Germany with the first location being Frankfurt
  • 85 leading German companies are TCS customers
  • 30% growth rate in past 3 years

TCS Frankfurt – The new, dynamic office

  • 211% more communication seats in comparison to the old office
  • A custom-built ‘Digital Studio’
  • 88 workplaces with adjustable desks
  • Open office architecture
  • Located in Frankfurt’s iconic Messeturm
  • With a height of 257 meters encompassing 63 floors, Messeturm is the second tallest building in Germany and third tallest in the European Union.

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