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March 22, 2016

 Spread across a sprawling 45 acres, the Kalinga Park facility in  Bhubaneshwar is   India's first LEED (Leadership in Energy and  Environmental Design) certified IT     campus; conforming to the  highest LEED certification rating – Platinum.The      campus is a  Special Economic Zone serving global customers in industry        segments like Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Government and Energy &    Resources.

 The Phase II of the facility was inaugurated by Honourable Chief minister of  Odisha, Naveen Patnaik in presence of CEO & MD N. Chandra. Phase II is likely  to generate direct employment for 3400 IT professionals and indirect  employability of over 250 personnel. Orissa has emerged as a key resource base  for TCS owing to its young and bright talent pool. "Odisha has a strong education ecosystem that is helping source great talent from the region. We are delighted with the growth of our operations and the support of the state government that will help us drive growth of the IT industry in the state," said Chandra during the inauguration ceremony.


The exterior design of the building aspires to reflect our technological culture and energy while the interior draws inspiration from the rich art and cultural legacy of Odisha. The spatial organisation of the interior spaces and circulation through the large floor plate is inspired from the structure of a Bodhi tree and is evident from colours, texture and spread.


 The building is laid out in a form which achieves highly flexible,  adaptable, modular working space. It also provides multiple  breakout and recreation areas to foster a sense of community, and  to promote a culture of collaboration and innovation. A seasoned  13-year old TCSer, Amarendra Shatapathy opines, "There is a lot of cohesiveness amongst employees at Kalinga Park. The way employees get together and work in a project is inspiring. Also, the connect between employees and the senior leadership team is very strong here."

Fifty Shades of Green

Kalinga Park has been designated a 'Green Building' owing to innovative energy conservation techniques, effective waste management, biodiversity conservation projects and a robust energy measurement, monitoring and reporting system. Almost 75% of the office area uses daylight, minimizing energy consumption during the day. Also, controllable lighting systems, on-site generation of renewable energy, water harvesting and recharging and use of grey water for landscaping, all contribute to reducing the environmental footprint.

 Lush green areas surround the building boasting floral wealth of  104 plant species, which belong to 86 generation and 49 families.  "What I love about the campus is that it's very green and peaceful.  There is a pathway around the two buildings which is more than 1  kilometre and during tea time I encourage my team members to  take a walk on this pathway. It's very refreshing and you return to work energised." says TCSer Richa Sharma.

Fun at Work

The cafeteria at Kalinga Park is always bustling with some activity. From festivities to birthdays, it's where employees unite to celebrate and have a good time. The 1000 seater cafeteria boasts of a wide spread of multi-cuisine delicacies dished up by several vendors. Parichay Pattnaik says, "For first time visitors to Bhubaneshwar and our campus, the 'pitha', a local treat, is a must try!"

With 62% of the workforce being less than 30 years of age, the employees at Kalinga Park are a dynamic and passionate lot; they actively participate in community and fitness initiatives. 700+ underprivileged children are mentored by our employees through regular weekend classes. Employees also participate in several plantation and clean-up drives to do their bit for the environment.

 Employees here take fitness seriously and participate in huge  numbers in walks, aerobics and yoga sessions. Till date employees  have clocked over 94,000 hours under the Fit4Life initiative. That  apart, the campus has a very active Music and Dance club where  employees get together to further hone their creative pursuits

It is evident that a lot of efforts are being taken by HR and the units to create and sustain a great workplace culture for employees. Amrapali Patnaik says, "A lot of townhalls and cultural events are organized which makes this campus fun, warm and welcoming. Family Day is a big affair here and it's good to see all our colleagues coming together with their families and bonding over fun and games." The Kalinga Park campus is indeed a close-knit unit and it is this unity and energy of employees that makes it a vibrant place to work in.

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