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July 12, 2016

Within the impressive surrounds of the throbbing commercial district, La Défense, and in the company of reputed firms lies the TCS office in Paris situated on the 19th floor of the 120m high Tour Franklin. TCS inaugurated this office on March 24, 2011, as a strategic step in its path towards localisation in France. Present in France since 1992, TCS has been moving ahead on a solid growth trajectory in Europe’s third largest IT services market.  A couple of acquisitions in France—first that of TKS in 2006; and more recently, the acquisition of Alti in 2013—widened TCS’ footprint in France.  Currently, TCS has a dedicated French executive team consisting of experienced local personnel specialized in presales, sales, marketing and complex project management.

In 2014, TCS’ investments in France and the successful establishment of a more localised operation won acclaim in the form of the ‘Special Award for Investment and Innovation’ by the Greater Paris Investment Agency.  The same year, the TCS office in La Défense was expanded to keep pace with business growth and increased employee base. Strengthening its Global Network Delivery Model™ , TCS also opened up its first services centre in the north of France—in the city of Lille—in 2014.

An elegant workspace tailored to Parisian standards

Toned in ‘smart’ white walls and panelling, the TCS Paris office is chic and stylish. Giant windows let in sunlight, brightening up the work space and offering a view of the business district from atop Tour Franklin.  The ambience is contemporary, yet business-like. TCS imagery and branding adorn the walls, contrasted only by the walnut coloured wooden floors. Separate, carpeted seating areas with white desks and adjustable chairs are laid out in an open-plan design, enabling collaboration and efficiency.  Transparent glass walls featuring the Tata weave pattern partition the space into different functional areas. Movement and luminosity sensors regulate energy consumption, as a practical measure towards a cleaner and greener workplace.

Inside, there is a large boardroom with video conferencing equipment and another meeting room that can accommodate around 30 people. Several smaller meeting rooms, with the capacity to seat 6 to 12 people, are also available. One-to-one meetings and calls can be held in any of the 12 cabins earmarked for this purpose.  The kitchen area is central, friendly and welcoming; with high tables, chairs, coffee and tea facilities and a vending machine for soft drinks.

Blending the best of both worlds in terms of quality and innovation

On any given work day, the TCS Paris office is buzzing with activity. From here, TCS carries out and directs cutting-edge, transformational projects that can make French companies competitive, agile and future-ready.  This commitment to high-quality work has paid off handsomely for TCS France.  The company was rated #1 in customer satisfaction for three years in a row as per the annual customer satisfaction study conducted by Whitelane Research, an independent sourcing analysis organisation which ranks IT services providers in Europe based on the opinions of their clients.

A business anchored on the ideals of community and sustainability

True to its value of giving back to the community, TCS is engaged in a variety of corporate responsibility programmes in France.  For example, employees are encouraged to invest at least an hour per week helping children with learning difficulties.  Many participate in running events supporting charitable causes such as the TCS team which ran the ‘Heroes Race’ for the benefit of l’Ecole à l’Hôpital, or ‘school at the hospital’ —a programme which helps educate hospitalised children.

Whether it is operating according to TCS’ legendary customer-centric approach or banking on its localisation strategy, TCS’ Paris office in La Défense has a strategic role in the company’s expanding footprint in France.  Not only is it the seat of management, sales and corporate functions, it is also a specialised centre for experts in ‘digital re-imagination’ and SAP—key areas of growth for TCS in the region. Going forward, the investments made in France and especially in the La Défense TCS Paris office, will be crucial for TCS’ success in the region.

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