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Diversified locations, manual performance appraisal process demanded an HR solution.

Operating out of multiple locations with its manually driven performance appraisal process, BMC Bank was incurring high costs and operational overheads. This triggered the need to implement a cloud-based performance management system. The bank was looking for a digital platform for a seamless and integrated performance appraisal process across its 52 branches in different states of India.


"We have completely automated our performance management process with TCS CHROMATM. It has helped us in achieving uniform and transparent appraisals across locations in a lesser time." - Mr. Hasan Alvi, Chairman- Board of Management, BMC Bank  

TCS Solution

BMC Bank digitalizes end-to-end performance appraisal process with TCS CHROMATM.

BMC Bank implemented CHROMA™, TCS’ talent management solution, on cloud to digitalize their performance appraisal process. With CHROMA™, feedback-based culture has been inculcated in the organization with system features such as continuous feedback, multi-source feedback, and 360-degree feedback. It ensures effective harnessing of talent through personalized performance development and capturing of career aspirations. Features such as quarterly appraisal evaluations, goal cascade, and goal share by managers ensure that individual goals are aligned to the organization’s overall objectives.

CHROMATM enabled an automated and transparent performance appraisal system and provided a self-service tool to BMC Bank’s employees for an enhanced employee experience. The scalable and integrated HR solution has helped BMC Bank reduce operational overheads and increase strategic focus.

Furthermore, CHROMATM helps reduce bias and attrition rate by AI/ML-driven promotion recommendations to the managers, which supports vertical growth uniformity among employees. Auto generation of reports, reminders and notifications made the process easier and accurate. 



BMC Bank achieves higher employee satisfaction with uniform and transparent appraisals 

  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced operational overheads
  • Reduced accountability for documentation
  • Anytime, Anywhere feedback