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BT Transforms Talent Management with Cloud
Mike Fox, Director and Group CIO, BT, talks about how BT partnered with TCS to standardize, transform and modernize the performance and talent management processes using cloud technology.
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Experience Results

Mike shares how TCS helped them leverage the cloud to transform and modernize the HR processes. The engagement helped to standardize existing processes and build capabilities to quickly deploy new processes for activities such as onboarding and large scale recruitment. The new cloud based model enables changing and enhancing performance management processes easily.  

Experience Partnership 

Mike highlights how TCS worked with BT not only to design and build but also to stabilize the application post go live. With deep functional knowledge and technology expertise, TCS helped BT identify and overcome technical as well as business challenges. Mike recounts TCS’ commitment and positive attitude, which helped effectively manage and even de-risk the engagement.

Experience Leadership

TCS leveraged its experience to bring in immense knowledge of business, challenges and risks involved with projects such as this one. Mike affirms that this, coupled with the expertise in methodologies and tools, is a key reason why BT partners with TCS. Backed by this robust, yet flexible partnership that the two organizations have developed, BT completely transformed people and talent management.


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