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The embedded systems and robotics research group conducts applied research in technologies that build perception, cognition, interaction, and actuation layers for physical and human systems. This group creates demonstrable and deployable research assets and intellectual property to solve real-world problems in the spheres of connected health, industry 4.0, retail and supply chain, and smart cities and infrastructure.


The group is primarily focused on five research areas:

  • Embedded sensors and devices: This team builds innovative sensing systems based on radio frequency, optics, ultrasound, and wearable technologies for machines to perceive the world with varied levels of autonomy

  • Networked-embedded infrastructure: This group explores distributed embedded systems issues in computing and communication related to power, memory, networking capacity, and battery power constraints

  • Signals and systems: This team creates novel algorithm suites for single/multi-sensor acquisition, noise cancellation, signal processing, and information extraction

  • Machine vision: This group works on algorithms that enable visual perception, interpretation, and rendering capabilities in machines such as ground robots and drones using computer vision, graphics, and AI techniques

  • Robotic platforms and systems: This team creates novel navigation, control, coordination, and manipulation algorithms for the real-world deployment of ground and aerial robotic platforms

People & Patents

  • Research team: Led by Chief Scientist Arpan Pal and Principal Scientist Balamuralidhar Purushothaman, the team includes Tapas Chakravarty; Sanjay Kimbahune; Parama Pal; Avik Ghose; Arijit Mukherjee; Hemant Rath; Subhrojyoti Roy Chaudhuri; M. Girish Chandra; Aniruddha Sinha; Soma Bandyopadhyay; Ramesh Kumar; Jay Gubbi; Brojeshwar Bhowmick; Hirshikesh Sharma; Shaliesh Deshpande; Swagat Kumar; Ranjan Dasgupta; and Gopi Kandaswamy

  • Academic partners: MIT Media Lab, USA; Singapore Management University, Singapore; IIT Kharagpur, India; IIT Madras, India; ISI Kolkata, India; IISc Bangalore, India; IIT Kanpur, India; IIIT Delhi, India; IIIT Hyderabad, India; and IIT Jodhpur, India

  • Patents and publications (2016 onwards): The team has received more than 70 patent grants and has had over 250 papers published in notable journals and events

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