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Building Software for Drones on TCS Radar

Economic Times - 7 Oct 2019

TCS is developing software capability for unmanned vehicles that can potentially be used to fix problems in windmills or solar farms in mostly inaccessible terrain. It has filed for a patent in India for the software, which will help unmanned vehicles provide services to customers, using bots.

The bots could be an aerial vehicle (drone) or a ground-based robotic vehicle capable of working in hazardous conditions. They could be used to either update software on a secure network or fix a flaw robotically, and will be operated remotely, experts said.

The unmanned vehicle will be used to track the bots until they return after completing the assigned tasks, with help from a software and data processing module aboard the vehicle, according to the filing.

TCS has set up a drone research lab in Cincinnati, US, which applies advanced computer vision, machine learning and deep learning algorithms to process the images captured by drones.

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