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TCS' award-winning solution combines human decision-making with autonomy to complete layered tasks

Can one innovate and pioneer an intelligent software that fundamentally reimagines IT operations? It was in trying to answer this all-encompassing question that TCS built its award-winning AI and automation-based product, ignio™.

A TCS team discovered that existing robotic process automation (RPA) tools could not scale or deliver sustainable value to enterprises, especially as any changes in the environment in which they worked would render these obsolete.

The team therefore got to work on building on an idea such that an intelligent automation solution would master the journey of mimicking human thinking instead of simply replicating human actions. The outcome? AI- and ML-enabled intelligent automation: combining human-like thinking and decision making, with the ability to perform complex activities autonomously.

This is what ignio makes possible—integrating AI, machine learning, and modern software engineering. This means that enterprises that use such integration get the advantage of contextual intelligence to find innovative ways of redefining their IT operations with a focus on improved resilience, improved agility, improved efficiency, and improved employee or customer experience.

Launched in 2015, ignio covers various aspects of enterprise services and manages millions of technology resources autonomously for over 200 clients, primarily Fortune 500 and Global 2000 corporations. A large energy major in North America that used ignio to process its workforce management requests has seen its request resolution time drop by 90%—from three days down to just 10 minutes. That’s the power of intelligent automation.

An important enabler in many large business transformation-led wins, ignio helps TCS in laying out the strategic foundation for Business 4.0™. It puts the ‘machine’ first in TCS’ Machine First™ Delivery Model.

And it further proves that an intelligent or augmented workforce, where people and machines augment the intelligence and effectiveness of the other, works to deliver exponential value.


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