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TCS is an industry leader when it comes to agility. Here's how we do it

Brian Tracy’s bestselling book on time management, Eat That Frog, answers a simple question with an even simpler answer.

How do you eat a frog?

One bite at a time.

The simplicity of this approach works to explain the concept of agile in business as well.

When a 500,000-employee-strong organization like TCS, working on several thousand business and technology transformation projects the world over, decided to go Enterprise Agile, we did it exactly in this fashion.

One step, nay, bite at a time.  

Building on the core idea that flexibility and constant change are unmissable traits in business and the marketplace today, going Enterprise Agile by 2020, was a goal that we set for ourselves around 2017. 

A goal that we met.

The idea was to transform our core—customer service delivery and workplace infrastructure—to a completely agile way of working. Driven by our thought leadership of Business 4.0™, Enterprise Agile was a key element of a new business-driven operating model that led to innovation at high speed, cutting through internal silos and transcending limitations on account of physical location.

Part of the process has been using our know-how to perfect agile tools and practices.

The methodology adopted includes our very own Location-Independent Agile™ (LIA) framework, a unique method of distributed agile by design. LIA pulls together comprehensive blueprints of team configurations, practices, techniques, and tools so that distributed teams can work in agile mode with the same or even better productivity than co-located agile teams.

Our success at enterprise agility has proved that meeting ambitious targets by breaking them down into smaller steps is possible at scale. Today, TCS has the largest agile workforce in the world with 440,000 agile-ready associates, 392,000 agile practitioners and 1,900 agile coaches. Our contextual expertise and adoption of the agile ways of working is so pervasive that we now have five pending agile-related patents.

The impact of all this has been felt most by our customers – especially those that have used our enterprise agility blueprint to chart their own agility success stories. Companies adopting this agile model have been growing faster than their peers, with a noticeable correlation between revenue growth and Net Promoter Score® (NPS) growth.

Becoming agile at scale has meant TCS embracing disruption and converting it into a new foundation for us –a foundation built on flexibility and adaptability by design and for good.

So how does TCS eat that frog, you ask? We eat it agile. 


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