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Companies looking to accelerate digital transformation, with the rapid adoption of new-age technologies such as IoT, big data and cloud, face countless integration challenges. These roadblocks can be traced to legacy middleware, multi-cloud environments, and lack of standardization across functions and business units. Moreover, integrating incumbent applications with cloud- or web-based services can often prove to be a costly and effort-intensive exercise.

TCS Solution

, modernizing middleware portfolio. The offering broadly encompasses support in three areas:

  • Business use case: Select the optimal mix of products, solutions, accelerators and architecture to identify and build a business use case
  • Integration platform: Drive enterprise-wise adoption of next-generation integration solutions
  • Operational models: Optimize delivery management, augment governance of integration follows, and boost co-selling of digital integration offerings

BEIS encompasses a robust API marketplace, an automation-driven API factors, cloud-based B2B integration platforms, and an event-centric framework for smart business operations.


  • Ecosystem integration powered by modern digital integration platforms
  • Enhance business agility and respond to changes in business environment more effectively
  • Create new services and products for new customer segments and geographies
  • Seamless integration across business functions and processes with faster time-to-market
  • Deliver superior user experience by ensuring high IT performance and responsiveness
  • Drive API monetization to unlock non-traditional revenue-generating opportunities
  • Onboard and engage partners, vendors, employees, and customers quickly and efficiently

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