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Ensuring visibility, predictability, and availability

Pandemic buying has led to a significant rise in online transactions driving businesses to ramp up their customer servicing and support operations. As customers look for safe, contactless, and better experiences, empathy quotient of brands has been put to an acid test and personalization demands massive scaling like never before.

Recent global lockdowns, panic buying, and hoarding by consumers and retailers alike have toppled the global distributed, volume stable, and cost optimized business model of supply chains. Enterprises will now have to redesign their operations and supply chains to rebalance their global asset base and supplier mix. To achieve this, visibility is critical across the various links in the supply chain.

Likewise, talent realities have undergone a massive shift with the onset of the pandemic. The location independent talent pool has made competitive, diverse, and low-cost talent sourcing a clear possibility. With roles becoming fluid, enterprises are moving towards leveraging the talent cloud model to manage the demand for diverse skill sets. Getting these talent strategies right calls for meticulous talent planning and fitment.

In all these, there’s colossal data that enterprises are handling. Accuracy, sensitivity, security, and privacy of this data should be the topmost concern of every organization.

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