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Canon Europe’s HR Revolution in the Cloud

TCS’ Oracle Cloud HCM solution consolidates disparate systems, sets up single source of truth

Canon Europe Limited
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Disparate and legacy HR systems prevented Canon Europe from operating at full potential

With operations spanning 28 countries, 19,000 employees and 19 languages, Canon Europe’s legacy HR systems were proving to be a hindrance in employee management. Dependencies on HR were leading to process delays in executing tasks, which in turn translated into poor operational efficiency. For seamless and agile growth, the growing number of non-standard processes and operations had to be standardized and integrated. To gain total HR visibility, Canon Europe needed a single source of truth for HR data.



TCS’ solution automates and unifies Canon Europe’s HR with an eye on business needs

Knowledge on industry standardized processes in HR domain, Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud expertise and inputs from business stakeholders enabled TCS to tailor an offering that met Canon Europe’s precise business needs. As part of the HR transformation program, TCS defined new business processes to bring disparate HR systems on to a single consolidated platform, allowing optimum usage of Oracle HCM cloud.

. In-house tools automated data migration to the cloud, establishing a single source of truth for HR data; approvals and notifications were automated to minimize process delays; and self-service was enabled for managers and other employees, including single sign-on for internal users and role-based secured access.

TCS ensured that all processes and delivered solutions were GDPR compliant. The entire HCM cloud adoption journey, with zero customization, was executed in six months using SAFe agile methodology to ensure right prioritization of business value.

TCS demonstrated thorough knowledge and expertise. Great team with top professionals to work with.

Rik Veldeman, HR Director, Canon Europe NV and Product Manager HR Core


Canon Europe’s cloud-enabled HR transformation delivers business value, seamlessly

TCS helped Canon Europe automate and standardize HR approval workflows across 28 countries. With minimized process delays and faster decision making, the company:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced maintenance overheads
  • Achieved operational efficiencies through a standardized HCM cloud platform across all business units
  • Improved data quality
  • Improved and consistent user experience
  • Converted 19,000 employee records to a single global HR system

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