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Inviting researchers and scientists interested in solving problems of tomorrow

For over 4 decades, TCS Research has systematically invested in research on computing and its intersection with physical, biological, mathematical, and behavioral science. Our researchers apply scientific rigor and a collaborative mindset to solve pressing problems faced by industry and society.

We attract talent from diverse backgrounds and enrich their careers by allowing them to work on real-world problems. We leverage their cross-domain experiences and employ rigor and ethics to our inventions. TCS Research conducts research in the following areas:


Additionally, the research programs focused on areas such as Smart Machines, Personalized Medicines, Digital Citizen and more, directly feed into TCS’ business pipeline.  

Researchers and scientists at TCS Research publish more than 240 papers in top-tier conferences and journals each year.

TCS Research not only provides a conducive work environment to its researchers but also helps them collaborate with other brilliant minds. We encourage continuous learning and improvement of skills and provide them the autonomy and freedom to work on interdisciplinary research areas.

TCS is an equal opportunity employer. Within TCS Research, more than 33% of researchers and scientists are women, leading various teams, and areas of research.


TCS Research invites applicants for Full time Research, Predoctoral and Postdoctoral positions at its labs in seven locations in India: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi (Noida and Gurugram), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.

The Predoctoral Fellowship and Apprenticeship programs are directed towards recent graduates who are looking for a hands-on industry stint and are keen to explore research as a long-term career opportunity.

We also invite fresh PhDs from the respective geography (with existing US citizenship/residency) for 2–3-year Postdoctoral positions in our TCS Pace Port™ at New York, within the Cornell Tech campus and TCS Pace Port™ Pittsburgh, within Carnegie Mellon University.

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