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Perishable foods and pharmaceuticals are transported through a cold-chain: climate-controlled environment that spans refrigerated ships, trucks, and storage warehouses. If this cold chain breaks down, nearly 50% – 100% of the product is lost. If spoiled products reach consumers, it can result in food poisoning, lawsuits, and fines. Such perishable items travel from -5 to 50 degree C for nearly 1500 miles. Monitoring their freshness is difficult because of lack of visibility of the supply chain.

TCS Solution

, such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. It also provides real time status and quick alerts on temperature deviations. The solution also points to possible wastage that can result out of perishability. It helps track multiple cargos and provides projected status of dangers of wastage. It provides instant alerts on deviation with location information.

The solution depicts relevant information through a dashboard that allows the following tasks:

  • Control of vital parameters of refrigerated cargo in trucks for quality control, insurance and regulatory compliance

  • Drill down to get detailed view including estimates of probability of damage

  • Change the vital parameters of the refrigerated cargo through mobile devices


  • Reduce waste and losses in supply chain

  • Optimize downstream processes

  • Confirm 100% quality

  • Reduce carbon emissions because of reduced wastage

  • Reduce insurance and inventory costs due to consistent monitoring
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