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Cargotec Goes Digital in Cargo Handling

TCS helps in rapid value delivery with cloud-based IoT platform and advanced analytics

IoT, Analytics & Insights


Cargotec aims to leverage digital services to transform cargo handling operations.

New digital services provide huge opportunities for cargo handling industry

Cargotec’s vision is to be the leader in intelligent cargo handling by 2020. It plans to connect its entire fleet and achieve comprehensive data analytics capabilities. The key aspects and considerations were: 

  • Geographical spread of equipment across the globe

  • Diverse business units and operations across the organization

  • Disparate equipment conforming to varied specifications and protocols

  • Integration with existing legacy systems to migrate them to a unified AWS Cloud Platform

  • Need for remote on-boarding and diagnostics

  • Secure end-to-end data and communication channel



TCS and Cargotec co-create an IoT platform to collect, store, and analyze sensory data.

TCS leveraged its Sensor Data Analytics IoT Framework (SDAF) and modernized data lake using native services on AWS, to design and build a cloud-based platform for Cargotec. Our integrated solution enabled IoT-based, real-time data collection, management, and monitoring strategies. We provided a scalable solution using cloud Infrastructure as a Service, with secure data channels between the equipment and the cloud.

Key features included: 

  • Data Lake and Big Data platform, enabling storage and reporting of data in large quantities, algorithm-driven actions, business process automation, and data publication through APIs
  • Web portals and Business Intelligence (BI)-based reports for KPIs, alerts, notifications, and performance-related metrics to support internal and external customers
  • Cloud-based automation, leveraging advanced AWS Cloud PaaS services
  • Provisioning for real-time and advanced analytics on equipment data

Our cloud solution uses agile, IoT, Big Data, analytics, BI, and API.

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